Mindful Movement for Kids


Thursdays @ 11:00AM-12:00PM (EST)


This children’s dance class for students ages 6-12 will explore movement as a vehicle for expressing emotions and creativity. We will use stretching techniques to warm up our muscles and move our way into learning isolations and combinations. Children in this class will learn to practice mindfulness by paying attention to their breath, as well as the feelings that arise when moving their bodies with intention. They will learn tools to channel their energies in a way that encourages playfulness, creative expression, self esteem and wellbeing.


Astarte’s passion for music and dance inspires her to learn and grow as an artist and a dancer. She has studied various different dance styles such as Egyptian, Turkish, Romani, Persian, Indian, Flamenco and Modern Fusion. She sees a correlation between the dances and the mythology and ritual of the ancient cultures from which they originated. She views the dances as a link to the ancient cultures of the past, and embodies sacred dance as a spiritual practice. She teaches classes and workshops designed to promote sacred dance as practice for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and empowerment.


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