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Arts & Cultural Enrichment Portal: Montessori Inspired Home School Support

Connecting to the Web of Life through Global Awareness & Peace Education

World Fusion Classroom Nathan Van Dyke
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world fusion classroom nathan van dyke
World Fusion Classroom Nathan Van Dyke
montessori inspired homeschool pods

Montessori Inspired Pods & Online Home School Support

Registration open for ages 5-10 limited space available.

Parent homeschool support and guidance by experienced Montessori teacher. Engaging, hands-on lessons inspired by the Montessori Method.

  • Multi-age
  • Multi-sensory
  • Supports Diverse Learning Styles
  • Multicultural
  • Mindful Peace Education
  • Nature-based curriculum

Classes start September 13th, 2021

Multicultural Learning

Building Connections with Students by Facilitating Healthy & Fun Learning Styles

Enrichment Classes

Enrichment Studio Class Insights

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