Sacred Dance


  • Online: Thursday at 11:00AM – 12:00PM EST


Dance is one of the oldest forms of human creative expression. Movement communicates in a way that transcends vocabulary and connects the mind, body, and spirit in physical and emotional release. Dance has a holistically healing power to unite us with the rhythms of the universe through celebration of the cycles of nature. Dance has its roots in ancient ritual and worship of the sacred. By exploring the transformational and empowering dynamics of sacred dance movements, we can connect with and embody the divine spirit within all things.

In this class we will explore our connection to the energies of the universe through ancient dance techniques. We will focus our intention on channeling these energies through our movements, expressing our divine creativity. We will celebrate our vital life force and energize our mind, body and spirit.

All ages, genders, body types, and abilities are welcome. No dance experience is required. Wear comfortable clothing and give yourself plenty of room to move.


Astarte’s passion for music and dance inspires her to learn and grow as an artist and a dancer. She has studied various different dance styles such as Egyptian, Turkish, Romani, Persian, Indian, Flamenco and Modern Fusion. She sees a correlation between the dances and the mythology and ritual of the ancient cultures from which they originated. She views the dances as a link to the ancient cultures of the past, and embodies sacred dance as a spiritual practice. She teaches classes and workshops designed to promote sacred dance as practice for physical, spiritual and emotional well-being and empowerment. She facilitates sacred dance workshops, women’s circles and Red Tents to create sacred spaces for women to be in support of each other.


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