Our teachers will help you pick the right membership, learning approach, and strategy tailored to your budget and provide actionable approaches and tools for your student to reach and exceed their learning benchmarks. We feel every student deserves the education they should have!

Homeschool Support Enrollment

Our Homeschool Support Program offered on World Fusion Classroom is specifically tailored to your student receiving the best and most versatile schooling available anywhere whether it be online or in person. Our Montessori Inspired teachers tailor fun and productive days around Critical Core Knowledge containing: multicultural understanding, agricultural impacts, sustainability, art studies, music studies, sciences, and the humanities. Small classrooms and an individual student focus allows for no student to get left behind.

Memberships: 30 Day, 60 Day, 90 Day

Live Course Calendar

World Fusion Classroom was founded with the intent of providing a multiplicity of understanding to be passed down to students is not always focused on in the general school system and the main thing we offer is for students to have the ability at a young age to select “Tune In, Drop In, and Drop Out” courses. Simply sign up for one-time courses you will see that are coming on the calendar and download the your link based ticket for the class! We will be having guest speakers, live music lessons, and even sustainability lectures from some of the nations foremost thinkers.

One-time Ticket Cost: $15-$30 Lecture Cost

Subject Specific Enrichment Studios

Students should have the right to learn specific subjects verses just always having a very broad understanding of everything so we decided to created Enrichment Class Memberships. Students will have the ability to signup for specific course categories and study focuses that uniquely interest them. Lets say your student really enjoys Art Studies or Music Studies – they will be able to select one or the other enrollments or both. This methodology will also help them get prepared for course enrollments in the future such as high school or even college.

Monthly: $60 / Month

Why World Fusion Classroom?

  • We have a proven understanding of building the pricing strategy: we are committed to providing affordable education for students of any budget
  • We provide analytic tools and approaches allowing parents to not have to purchase additional school supplies during our curriculum
  • We offer combined solutions affecting related situations, including low-income households, financial hardships, or disenfranchised students – please contact us below or call us if you fall into any of these categories and we will work with you to provide pricing that works for you as pricing should not be an issue for parents and students seeking better livelihood

Results You Can Expect

Clear Learning Strategy

Sustainability Focus

Core Knowledge Growth

Multicultural Awareness

Enrichment Studio Classes

Our Team

Astarte Tzighan

Founder, Tampa (Florida)

Studied Religious Studies at the University of South Florida, Received a Masters Degree in Elementary Education at the University of Phoenix, Montessori Teaching Training Received at the Seacoast Center for Montessori Education

world fusion classroom nathan van dyke

Nathan Dyke

Founder, Tampa (Florida)

Studied Art & Design at Ringling College of Art & Design

Enrichment Studio Class Insights